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Hermes launched the first watch and jewelry boutiques in the UK | Replica Cartier Jewelry,Cartier Love Bracelet,Replica Bvlgari Jewelry

Hermes jewelry online storeHermes launched in the UK independent Harrods department store’s first watch and jewelry boutiques, Harrods is London’s most famous department store, and Hermes is France’s top luxury big. The Hermes settled will inevitably set off a wave of British luxury again.

The brand’s watch making very long history. As early as 1912, when the brand founder Thierry Hermes jewelry replica great-granddaughter Jacqueline Hermes only nine daily energetic, run and jump, in order to prevent falling out of the pocket of her table, her father made for her pigskin wrist band, which Hermes first close contact with the watchmaking industry. Since then, Hermes began the development of a large number of distinctive quality watches, including the “Daily Telegraph” fashion channel selected the “favorite watch” – Le Temps Suspendu.

Le Temps Suspendu is a time to pause the magic ability to watch, it’s name to illustrate this point. About 12 o’clock on the dial has a narrow “v” band, then there is a button on the side, when the pointer went narrow “v” with the button is pressed, hands instantly stop. Time had erased from the dial seems suspended. Press the button again, the time back on track, working. The idea is Pierre- Alexis Dumas proposed, he was artistic director of Hermes H bracelet sixth brand.